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Artist Statement

My work aims to update the still life genre for a contemporary audience. Sometimes in pencil, other times using paint, a la prima, not to make a copy of the objects but to translate them into paint marks, sculpting real space in time. Through the placing of toy figures and models in various scenarios in real space, I repurpose stereotypes from history, to emphasize that history is part of the living present. The stereotypes are embedded in social consciousness, so I am gambling with the viewers’ capacity to interpret them and explore the human complexity that stereotypes are intended to conceal.
I draw inspiration from the representation of space in film, particularly in the works of Buster Keaton, Andrey Tarkovsky and Yasujiro Ozu. My inspiration might equally come from literature, such as the fiction of Virginia Woolf, Marcel Proust and Vladimir Nabakov, with their emphasis on time and memory.
Questioning the notion of a singular point of view or version of history, I hope to open a political dialogue relating to interpretation and truth. In my most recent paintings and drawings the positioning of action figures is significant. The placing of the models in relation to other objects and contexts opens up their received meaning.
By recording these different realities in two-dimensional space, the viewer might become equally responsible for the interpretation of visual reality and the reality of the symbols used. In this collision of real and fictional space, ambiguities engage the mind in conjecture.