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Artist Statement

Jo Bell’s work explores new potentials for the still life image.

She questions ideas of time and memory, of past and present, creating images that question popular ideas of punctum tempori.           

Her closely observed images with their strong focus on arrangement and lighting question the reality of three-dimensional space as it is experienced through time.

At the moment she is using a subtle colour palette inspired by Nicholson and Morandi, earthy colours that defy a specific time and place.

The choice of objects and their relationship with each other is also important in the work. She is interested in the solidity of the objects, how the shadows are cast, and how the objects appear on the two-dimensional surface as reality unfolds.

Inspired by the involuted narrative of Vladimir Nabakov and the ideas of the philosopher Henri Bergson,( memory making a ghost of the present). The carefully composed paintings aim to engage the viewer and to demand time spent on close examination of the subject.

She addresses the relationship between observation and representation and the tensions between reality, the paint and the act of looking.